Posted by: carrotplease | January 12, 2009


Once upon a time I fantasized about normal things, like winning the lottery, going to the Olympics, or a tall, dark, and handsome stranger.  Lately, though, the things I find myself wasting unusual amounts of time on are not quite so interesting.

Like, a couch.

Yep, I’ve been fantasizing about a couch.  It’s not just any couch, but it’s MY couch, where I can squish the pillows any way I want, take naps, and snuggle with my overweight cat without anybody acting like cats on the furniture is the Worst. Thing. Ever.

I’m not sure what that says about the current state of my life.  I try not to be a whiny complainer that obsesses over these things, and try to take each day as it comes, but the more I think about that damned couch the more I think something is kind of wrong.  The more I dwell on that, the more confused I get about whether I try to fix it or not, or if there’s even any way to do that.

I figure part of the problem is a feeling like there’s a little lack of control over my life these days.  In an attempt to combat that, and get rid of cellulite, I joined a gym over the weekend.   I guess I figure that if I can’t control other people so that I’m not disappointed in them, I can at least control me.  So today I’ll go for the first time, and hopefully work up a good sweat so that I’m feeling better about the universe when I go to bed tonight.


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